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This journal is for an alternate version of Xerxes Break, developed by calliope_love. For fic associated with this character, see Callie's journal, under the "Modernverse" label.



Light Affection: Comfort hugs? Hair ruffling? The odd cuddle? Sure, if he likes you enough. This Break is a bit affection-starved without his Liam around — he's been spoiled by being allowed to be all up in Liam's business whenever he pleases, though he may not ever acknowledge aloud that he's accustomed to being touched now.

Sexytimez: At first this was a straight-out no; nowadays, I am willing to play him this way, but only in certain situations and mostly in meme-land. If the characters have no chemistry I am still quite disinclined, and I may choose not to keep any sexy!CR generated in his canon. All of this would be discussed in detail prior to playing anything out, and I can promise that he will always be IC for any sex scenes written -- which is to say, he may not cooperate very well with your character.

Fighting: He can still hold his own, with and without knives on hand. Due to his medical difficulties he no longer dances around like his sword-wielding counterparts; his style is more to stand defensively and end things as quickly as possible. But though he won't run unless there's no other choice, he has made sure to keep himself ferociously strong, and his reflexes are as good as ever.

With the Ouching and the Hurting: I'd really rather you didn't, and so would he. He quite likes being alive and goes out of his way to avoid putting himself in situations that would get him hurt in the first place. But you can always ask me, if your character develops a particular grudge against this Break for some reason.

About the Mun: I'm all for backtagging, and I'll imitate whatever style you're using, most likely. I can get wordy and take a bit to respond sometimes, but I'll keep things going as long as you will. This Break is my first character, so go easy on me. I'm still getting the hang of things. <3
The mistletoe has infiltrated the house of the modern Break and his Liam.

No doubt this is because this is probably the worst possible day for there to be mistletoe in the house. Break was more or less okay when Liam went off to work this morning -- just still in that particular mindset where he didn't want to get out of bed. When he finally forced himself to, it was only because he was hungry enough to be shaking, and that's when the plant got him. It was waiting for him in the door between the living room and the kitchen.

He's still there now, sitting on the floor with his back up against the wall, looking a little haunted. And he's...well, he's a bit of a wreck, really. He's still hungry and a little dizzy and he has no idea when Liam will come home to save him from this and he keeps cycling through anger and panic and being upset that he can't go put his butt straight back into bed. Good thing the front door is unlocked, and at least he's got the pajama pants with the skulls on instead of a skirt today.

Fair warning to any Gils who might drop by, though -- the cats are out.


Break and Liam have a house, now.

Liam was an absolute brat about surprising him with it; he'd kept Xerxes thinking they were just getting an apartment right up until Knave had magicked him into his knew home. After that he'd gone all gloaty and teased his partner for having babbled about wanting a house with a white picket fence and a dog, but really, Liam deserved to gloat. The house was perfect. There was more than enough room for all the books, a room that could serve as a studio for Break, and a downstairs bedroom where they could sleep if Break didn't feel up to navigating the stairs on that knee. Bat had a whole attic to himself now, and there was a cozy little nook of a room under the staircase for Trump and Sally to curl up in. The upstairs held a guest room or two, something they would never have needed at home -- but now, it's not unlikely that they'll be entertaining company now and again, particularly with Break so close with so many of the children.

Much as he'd like to know what else he'd jabbered at Liam about while on this particular round of very good painkillers, Break is more than pleased with how this has turned out, and Liam is pleased that Break is pleased. It is a very cozy house.

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To bear with unbearable sorrow

Having spent more than enough time in bed of late, now that he's allowed to sleep in his own room and now that he has a pair of crutches, Break has been wandering around the mansion as best he can, trying to reclaim his own mobility. By rights, he really shouldn't be out at the moment -- Liam is elsewhere -- but one of the Hatters is shadowing him, he knows, and he's having one of those moments when he wants to manage things all by himself.

And in his defense, he's being sensible about it, stopping whenever he feels even slightly like he needs to. Such as now. He's resting in one of the sitting rooms, his injured leg propped up on a coffee table. It's pajama pants and socks with grippy bits on the bottom, today, and around his knee, there's a strange black brace -- something Liam had helped Canterbury to put together, to keep it from moving too much as Break shifts.

It makes him terribly nervous to be out and about alone, truth be told. But at least he's doing it. He has some notion that if he hides himself away in his room, it will only hurt Shelly worse...

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Break spends the first few days after the attack and subsequent rescue-by-Gilbert unconscious in the infirmary, watched over by Canterbury and his Liam. During that time, he's just as sick as he is injured, the fever caused by the poison taking up most of his energy; when he does wake up enough to communicate, nothing he says really makes sense. Once the fever finally breaks, it's the painkillers that keep him knocked out, and by the time he's coherent enough to (grudgingly) admit to Liam what happened, Shelly is back to normal.

And Break isn't going to be. Most of the wounds are trivial; they likely won't even scar, and if they do, well. It's not like he doesn't have a whole wealth of scars already. But his knee -- it isn't going to heal properly. He may not be able to bend his damn toes ever again, let alone walk on that leg. Given how much time the man spends moving, and how much he values his own physical strength, it's not unfair to say that a large part of his life is now over.

Pride keeps him from letting them carry him back to the bedroom; he'll stay in that damn infirmary until he can make it back on his own somehow, even if he has to drag himself down the hallway. Arrogance makes him sit up and do his best to be a brat when people visit, so no one has to deal with seeing him as hurt as he feels. But sometimes Liam has to bring him his cats to snuggle for a while, and sometimes he just can't manage to come up with any light conversation and retreats into silence, and underneath all the anger he's trying to summon so that he can push himself through this, he's sad. He's just incredibly sad, and he's grieving, for himself and for what he had with Shelly.

He loves Shelly. That hasn't changed, and it probably won't. And Break blames himself for letting things go so far.

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